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Meat production

The fusion technology is Ideal for meat products. The technology is based on extruding paste materials through a narrow nozzle, enabling the creation of fiber texture that best simulates meat fibers.


At Steakholder Foods, our industrial-scale production is revolutionizing the field of meat. Utilizing our advanced Fusion 3D printing technology, we are capable of producing hundreds of tons of high-quality, 3D-printed steak products each month. Our printers are designed for seamless integration into factory setups, ensuring a smooth adoption process. The scalable nature of our technology is one of its most significant features; it allows for the addition of extra modules to meet increasing demand, ensuring that our production capacity can grow in tandem with our client's needs.

Built to produce the next generation of food factories.

Designed for an industrial-scale plant with a production capability of tons per month.​

100% automated


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