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At Steakholder Foods, we are passionate about transforming food production to create delicious, nutritious, and ethically produced meals. We utilize state-of-the-art 3D meat printer technology and innovative plant-based consumables to empower manufacturers in the food industry to embrace sustainability and build a brighter future.


A world where sustainable proteins are produced on an industrial scale, with all the benefits of traditional meat but without the environmental impact. Our advanced 3D printer can make this vision a reality. With increased capacity, meat-like taste and texture, cost reduction, and adaptability for innovation, we're driving sustainable food solutions and exceeding consumer expectations.


Creating a Sustainable Food Production

​Our mission is to cultivate a future where food production aligns seamlessly with the planet's ecological balance. We are committed to innovating sustainable food production techniques that significantly lessen environmental footprints by reducing land utilization, conserving water, minimizing waste, and curbing air emissions. Engaging diligently in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analyses, we continuously evaluate and refine our environmental strategies to set a worldwide benchmark for sustainability.

Our LCA is a journey in progress, and it's being updated constantly, so stay tuned for insights and updates.

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We understand that a healthy planet begins with a healthy, diverse, and safe community.

Our commitment to creating a sustainable future extends beyond our products - it's ingrained in our practices. We ensure fair compensation for our team, prioritizing safety and health. Diversity and inclusion are vital to us - diverse perspectives, driving innovation. Our professional ethos is clear: empower every employee, respect our planet, and set an industry-leading example.

Read our Health and Safety Policy

Health and safety


Upholding the highest levels of employee safety.


Implementing talent management programs for future leaders.


Nurturing talent diversity and engagement initiatives.

Creating a Sustainable Future Together

Our goal is to revolutionize the way food is produced by partnering with various organizations, academic bodies, and pioneers in the industry. Our efforts are centered on advocating for sustainable methods and the utilization of cutting-edge 3D printing technology and we amplify our influence through educational engagement, organizing hands-on workshops with educational institutions to foster creativity and increase consciousness regarding eco-friendly food alternatives. In unity, we strive to forge a sustainable tomorrow.



Our governance is built on a foundation of ethics and transparency. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct and aligning our actions with our vision for a sustainable and ethical future.

Our governance documents


We invite you to join us as a co-author in our ongoing impact narrative. Your suggestions, insights, and alliances are welcome as we embark on new chapters of our journey.

Let's create together a legacy of innovation, sustainability, and a compassionate, ethical future.

Email us:  [email protected]

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