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Steakholder Foods is building the industry-standard machinery, software and printing materials to help accelerate the plant-based and cultivated food industries and bring them to full capacity. The company offers its proprietary 3D printers, printing blend, formulated from constituent raw materials, operating software, and ongoing services to help manufacturers of all sizes reach the execution of their offerings.

Using its variety of manufacturing technologies and services, Steakholder Foods offers manufacturers the ability to produce plant-based food that closely mimics traditional meat's taste, texture, and appearance— as an alternative to industrialized farming and fishing. 

Our expertise lies in creating plant-based meat and seafood products with complex textures, like beef steaks, white fish, shrimp, eel, and more. While our initial focus is on plant-based options, we’re developing cultivated cells for seamless integration with an eye on the future.

We empower ambitious food and meat manufacturers to diversify their portfolios with premium plant-based products. 

Our Journey So Far



Company Initiates activity in Israel



Company bio-prints carpaccio-like sliced meat.


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Steakholder Foods In The Press

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