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What’s So Special About Printing the World’s First 3.67 oz Cultured Steak?

Milestones don’t make a company, but a company can certainly make milestones. In this case, we could not be prouder of our entire Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D, team for our company’s 3.67 oz cultivated steak achievement.

Over the last year, we have seen many important milestones achieved by Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D, and our competitors. We applaud them all. We all share the goal of creating more sustainable foods for the future that will allow people to eat the foods they enjoy, while abating greenhouse emissions, water waste, and animal suffering.

This milestone moves us closer towards our goal of creating the industrial technologies for printing center-of-plate, premium cultured meat.

Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D, production methodology

Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D, production methodology involves harvesting cells from healthy cows, growing and multiplying those cells, formulating the cells into bio-inks, and using our specialty 3D bio-printers to print the cells according to a digital design of a steak structure, that will give rise to fat and muscle tissue to form the MeaTech steak.

The simple explanation of the methodology above, of course, glosses over the highly advanced technological achievements – both scientific and mechanical – required to print a steak of this size. Thousands of manhours, years of research, and the stellar work of our highly educated, experienced, and hard-working team made this possible. All these factors work together to position Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D, as the leader in premium cultivated meat technologies.

Our 3.67 oz cultivated steak shows the possibility for printing cultivated meat using our advanced technology in far less time than it takes to raise and slaughter an animal for meat. Our cultured steak, the largest ever produced as far as we know, offers a glimpse of the thick, juicy cultivated meats we believe we can look forward to, in the coming decades, as we perfect our production methods and could begin selling our process to meat producers, FMCG companies, grocery store chains and others who are interested in becoming part of this burgeoning new cultivated meat industry.

What sets this milestone apart is that as far as we know, no one before us has been able to create a cultivated steak of this size with no soy or pea protein. What we’ve created is real cultured steak produced with this flourishing industry’s most advanced technology. And that’s something to celebrate.


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