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Arik Kaufman interview on Drive Time

Whole-cut meat products, printed on-demand for you. Sounds like the magical replicator from Star Trek?

Well did you know that this is becoming a reality these days? In fact, an Israel-based biotech company called Steakholder Foods is combining stem cell technologies and 3D printing to create meals on demand. 

The company also developed a process that has achieved 50 times more growth in cell production yield. But how far are we from making 3D printed meat accessible to the man in the street? 

Steakholder Foods, which is listed on the US NASDAQ, also recently received its first grant of up to US$1 million (double check that it is in US dollar terms?) from the Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, to develop 3D printed structured eel and grouper products with this company called Umami Meats. But what can we expect here?

On Under the Radar, Drive Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Arik Kaufman , CEO and Co-founder of Steakholder Foods.


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