Events & Milestones


September 2019

Steakholder embarks on a new chapter of innovation as it initiates activity in Israel, a hub of technological excellence and culinary innovation

August 2020

Steakholder pioneers the bio-printing of carpaccio-like sliced meat, marking a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of plant-based protein alternatives.

March 2021

Steakholder achieves a historic milestone by becoming the first cultivated meat company listed on Nasdaq, solidifying its position as a pioneering leader in the burgeoning field of cellular agriculture.

December 2021

Steakholder achieved a groundbreaking milestone by producing the largest cultured steak to date, weighing in at 3.67 oz (104g).

December 2022

Steakholder's innovative technology is now production-ready, marking a significant milestone in the commercialization of cultured meat.

May 2023

Steakholder proudly debuts the world’s first 3D-printed cultivated grouper fish, setting a new benchmark in sustainable seafood innovation.

July 2023

Steakholder secures its first agreement with a GCC governmental body, marking a significant step in expanding its global partnerships.

February 2024

Steakholder achieves a major milestone by generating its first commercial revenue through a partnership with Wyler Farm.

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