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Steakholder Foods
Oct 20, 2023

Steakholder Foods Shares a Message of Resilience, Commitment and Progress from CEO, Arik Kaufman

CEO Arik Kaufman's recent letter to Steakholder Foods' shareholders showcases the company's resilience and commitment amidst challenging times.

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The letter highlights 2023 achievements and assures Steakholders of the company’s commitment and resilience

Rehovot, Israel, October 20, 2023 – Steakholder Foods Ltd. (Nasdaq: STKH), an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultivated meat industry, shares a letter from CEO, Arik Kaufman – a message of resilience, commitment and progress:

Dear Steakholder,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits amidst these challenging times.

Recent events in Israel have profoundly affected us as a community of individuals who care deeply about our homeland and its people. The horrific loss and ongoing unrest have touched our hearts, and our condolences continue to go out to every family impacted.

Israel has always been a source of initiative, hope and innovation, and we continue to draw strength from our heritage and commitment to the values we uphold. In this light, I wanted to personally reach out to assure you of Steakholder Foods’ undaunted resilience and tenacity. While the emotional weight of this moment is undeniable, our team has displayed unparalleled dedication, channeling their energy and passion into advancing our company’s mission and growth objectives. While a small number of employees are bravely taking part in homeland defense, neither this nor any other aspect of the current conflict has had a substantial impact on our operations.

In the face of 2023’s external challenges, Steakholder Foods is unwavering in its pursuit of excellence and innovation. We solidified our B2B approach through a significant partnership with a Persian Gulf governmental entity, setting the stage for our entry into new markets and intensifying our R&D and commercialization agendas. Alongside this, we raised $12.5 million from two offerings, fueling our ambitious corporate trajectory.

Our technological prowess and forward momentum was notably evident this year. Leading the charge, we realized a groundbreaking achievement with our 3D-bioprinted, ready-to-cook cultivated fish, creating multiple opportunities for strategic partnerships, especially in the sphere of bio-ink development. This was complemented by a vital upgrade to our printer, design to boost our manufacturing and commercialization capabilities.

Furthermore, we launched our state-of-the-art Light CAD Editor, heralding a new era of 3D model customization. We also filed a provisional patent for our immortal bovine cell line, which stands to be a linchpin in our transition to commercial-scale cultivated meat production. Adding another feather to our cap, our AI-Powered Nozzle Inspection System ensures that our 3D printing process remains unparalleled in precision. Concluding our technological strides, the introduction of SH Beef Steak Ink, synergized with our fusion printer technology, is poised to set new benchmarks in the cultivated meat domain.

Each of these milestones signal our shift from a primarily R&D orientation to robust commercial readiness, with an eye on redefining the future of the cultivated meat industry.

I recognize that as our valued investors, you have placed your trust and resources in our vision. It is my promise to you that we will continue to push forward, innovate, and drive value, even in these turbulent times. Our operations are ongoing, our goals remain clear, and our commitment to excellence and business success is unwavering. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide exceptional products to our customers and value to our investors.

Finally, I want to thank you for your continued belief in Steakholder Foods. It is through collective strength and mutual support that we will navigate this period, as we do all that we can to ensure a promising future for our company and its stakeholders. Let us continue to believe in better days ahead, where peace and prosperity will prevail.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and unwavering support.

Yours truly,

Arik Kaufman CEO, Steakholder Foods

About Steakholder Foods

Steakholder Foods Ltd., is an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultured meat revolution. The company-initiated activities in 2019 and is listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker “STKH”, with headquarters in Rehovot, Israel.

The company is developing a slaughter-free solution for producing cellular agriculture meat products, such as beef and seafood, by offering manufacturers the ability to produce a cultivated meat product that aims to closely mimic the taste, texture, and appearance of traditional meat— as an alternative to industrialized farming and fishing. With its membership in the UN Global Compact, Steakholder Foods is committed to act in support of issues embodied in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which include strengthening food security, decreasing carbon footprint, and conserving water and land resources.

For more information, please visit: https://steakholderfoods.com

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