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Made of plant-based ingredients and serving as a platform for cultivated cells. Developed to ensure the production of tasty, safe, and consistent meat products.

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Beef Steak Ink

Made of plant-based ingredients, our Beef Ink components create a harmonious blend, perfect for those who desire a sustainable, yet indistinguishable alternative to traditional meat.

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White Fish Ink

Made of plant-based ingredients, SH White Fish Ink offers a sustainable alternative to traditional fish with an uncompromising texture and taste.

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Eel Ink

Our Eel Ink is expertly formulated from plant-based components, capturing the unique essence of eel flavor and texture. It's an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking a sustainable and authentic alternative to conventional eel.

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In the pipline

Our biology department is continuously developing new plant-based inks, striving to replicate the authentic texture and taste as closely as possible.

SH Ink – Chicken Breast

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SH Ink – Shrimp

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