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Our Values

This is our commitment to top quality and to making our moonshot vision a reality. Our team consists of the best and brightest, driven by unabated optimism that we can create the world we want to live in.

Steakholder 3D Printing


We have a bold vision to create a product that impresses, amazes, and simply put, is the best meat on the market. We will not compromise on taste, texture or nutrition as we relentlessly charge toward this goal.


We are always looking toward the future because we are in the business of creating it. Our R&D team is made up of the best mechanical engineers & cellular biologists in the business - all innovators in their fields. We are experts at bridging these disciplines in the right way to meet the needs of today’s consumers - and tomorrow’s.


We are not falling back on guilt or moral arguments to rile up support. We will let our work, process and products speak for themselves. This is a movement of positive thinkers and firm believers. With great care, we are carrying out our mission for our diverse global community and the future of our planet. We hope to bring inspiration to consumers who care as much as we do.


We are hyper-focused on every step of the process; every detail, every cell. And we hold ourselves to the highest standards. With our process and progress, we are transparent and thoughtful toward our employees and future consumers. This is how we will build unwavering reliability and trust in what we’re doing and what we all must do together for a better, more sustainable future.


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