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Our founders’ story

One day, I walked into a hamburger place for lunch. On the menu, I noticed a plant based meat substitute burger trying to impersonate a hamburger. Sounds like the setup to a joke. But it was no joke. It was something from a brand I had been hearing a lot of hype about. So, I tried it… It was awful.

And that's when it came to me. The meat industry is ripe for a shakeup which explains all the buzz, all the talk, all the hype. At that moment, I had tasted an opportunity.

People want to eat meat. But today, they more and more understand the sacrifices: food security, climate change, and animal welfare. This explains the rising popularity of alternative protein products, particularly those trying to mimic meat. So, I asked myself, what if we could make something a lot better? Something that was actually meat, but not in the conventional way. I returned to the office to share my lightbulb moment with my law partner, Yaron. He said, let’s talk to Sharon. He can 3D print anything. So, we asked Sharon if he could 3D print meat. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Only after we started the company did we realize the true game-changing potential of what we were trying to do. But for the business to really work, beyond the moral imperative, we would have to set the bar high when it came to people’s expectations of what meat should taste like. And this is what led us to where we are today; on a mission to make real meat that's sustainable and delicious.


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