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Omakase Beef Morsels: This is what Wagyu steak from the 3D printer looks like

Lab-grown Wagyu beef bites fresh from the 3D printer – that’s the latest idea from the Israeli start-up Steakholder Foods. The company developed an “alternative” to traditional Wagyu beef that doesn’t require a butcher.

According to the company, the “Omakase Beef Morsels” are small pieces of beef that are printed using a new 3D process and are said to come very close to the well-known Wagyu beef in terms of texture and taste. Wagyu is characterized above all by the fine fat grain. Therefore, Steakholder Foods also prints in two layers: one beef muscle and one fat cells in alternating layers (via Bleeding computer).

Beef steak from the 3D printer

The Israeli company Steakholder was formerly known as MeaTech 3D. As MeaTech 3D, a “cultivated steak” had already been developed. This steak was a standard, 104-gram cut of bio-printed meat made from a blend of lab-grown beef muscle and fat cells. The muscle and fat cells are obtained from bovine stem cells. Now they have changed their name and introduced a new product.


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