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Alt-Meat Company MeaTech Set To Build First Cultured Fat Pilot Plant In Belgium

Israeli based cultured meat company MeaTech 3D is putting people at the edge of their seats as they try for the first time their cultured nuggets, made of plant-based protein and in-house produced cultured chicken fat biomass.

The rising demand of meat is driving the search for alternatives that could as well lower its carbon footprint. Although more environmentally friendly than traditional patties, plant based burgers and nuggets still do not fully satisfy consumers’ expectations as they lack juiciness and taste deriving from animal fat.

Since 2019, one of MeaTech’s primary goals has been to reach that perfect juiciness and taste by adding just one single ingredient to plant based. In 2021 the company acquired their now wholly own subsidiary Peace of Meat (PoM), a Belgian company which had been working on creating that missing ingredient in the lab.


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